Trust, support and commitment

Bivona's partnership with the Monroe County District Attorney's Office is an important component of our comprehensive approach to helping provide justice for children who have endured the trauma of abuse. However, our partnership goes beyond this focus and is an integral piece to ensuring trust and providing opportunities for healing, both for the children we help and for our Team. Recently, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley spoke to us about the role of the Monroe County District Attorney's Office at Bivona. 

Q: As a partner, how would you describe the role you play in trust, healing, and justice for children and families who seek services at Bivona? 

We strive everyday to bring justice to the children of sexual and physical abuse. We could not do this alone, and our partnership with Bivona and the member partners is essential. Often we have just the word of a child as evidence. Regardless, we strive to seek a just resolution in every single case we handle. In some cases, it may be a plea while in other cases it may be a grand jury presentation and trial. We act in the best interests of the child. 

Successful prosecutions require the team approach. We could not do our job in this arena without the resources provided to us through the Bivona Child Advocacy Center. They say it takes a village, but it certainly does with these types of prosecutions. With the constant support of the team members, we could not gain the trust of the child and the family, which is essential for success in the criminal justice field.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about working within Bivona's Team? 

The most rewarding aspect of working with Bivona's Team is the relationship that we have built over the years. It is the trust, support and commitment that we receive from all the member partners. These cases are very difficult to prosecute and it is comforting to know that we are not alone.

Last December, our Team and our community lost a valued friend, partner and advocate with the passing of Mary Randall, former Chief of the Special Victims Unit of the District Attorney's Office. It is difficult to summarize the contribution Mary had on Bivona's Team and within the local community; she was beloved and respected by all; she was effective, doggedly committed and a true visionary; and she prosecuted terrible crimes yet lived her life with positivity and joy. In short, she embodied the fight we are all a part of and we are grateful for the time we had with her. Mary's passing continues to remind us that now more than ever we are in this together and together we will work to make Mary proud.

When there was a child that needed a hug, Mary was there. When there was an issue that needed to be resolved, or a case that needed to be covered, Mary was there. When our attorneys were having a particularly stressful day, Mary was there to provide support and a laugh. Mary was so much to so many people. Our Special Victims Trial Division will never be the same. To me, she was my dear friend whom I miss terribly but she will forever be in our thoughts! We love you Mary!!
— Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney
Members of the Monroe County District Attorney's Office team pose for a photo during Bivona's annual holiday luncheon.

Members of the Monroe County District Attorney's Office team pose for a photo during Bivona's annual holiday luncheon.