Profile on Brian Nizinsky

Brian Nizinsky is a member of Bivona’s Marketing Committee. Thank you, Brian for your incredible dedication to Bivona and to protecting children!

How did you first get involved with Bivona?
I first got involved with Bivona through the Bivona Young Professionals (BYP) group. They had just formed and I participated in a few events and meetings. I liked the vibe of the people involved there and it felt good to help the organization with events. I was then invited to join the Marketing Committee and have been a member of the Committee for over 5 years.

What do you find to be the most rewarding about your involvement with Bivona?
I love being around people who are passionate about where they work & what they do.  My day job “pays the bills” but my work with Bivona “pays the soul.”

As an active volunteer, do you have any advice for other people who are interested in volunteering with us?
I think that if you want to really have an impact volunteering at Bivona you need to make sure you “show up.”  Understand that you are making a commitment to a great group of people who don’t have the funding or resources to get the mission done without you.  Sometimes the best work is done in pairs so bring a friend along.  Neither of you will regret it!

What three things do you think of when you think about Bivona?
Passion, Persistence, Justice


My day job ‘pays the bills’ but my work with Bivona ‘pays the soul’.
— Brian Nizinsky