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No Matter How Small My Role

Community Spotlight: Lisa Jackson, Senior Caseworker on the CPS Impact Team

Lisa Jackson is a Senior Caseworker on the CPS (Child Protective Services) Impact Team located at Bivona Child Advocacy Center. CPS is one of our 22 partner agencies. Lisa and the CPS Impact Team work collaboratively within the Bivona Team, helping children and families find trust, healing and justice.

Thank you for all you do, Lisa!

How did you first get involved with Bivona?

I learned about Bivona 14 years ago when I started with the department and had an interest in being on the Team. At the time there were no openings, but I attended the Summit over the years and received trainings regarding sex abuse. I applied for the Sr Caseworker position on the team in April 2016 and joined the team at that time. I wanted to come to this Team to assist families in dealing with the trauma they have dealt with and feel like I could really make an impact in the work I do from a CPS standpoint.

What is the most rewarding thing about working within the Bivona Team?

After being involved in CPS for so long before coming to Bivona I really like the team approach at looking at and working on cases. Having all disciplines involved and extra eyes looking at a case from all angles better serves the families.

What is the one thing you are most proud of about your job?

In this job there are not always positive outcomes, but the feeling you get when there is a” win” for the child and family to stop abuse and begin the healing is like none other. “Knowing that I played a role in the healing for that child or family no matter how small my role makes me so proud of the Team I am a part of here at Bivona.”

What are three words you think of when you think about Bivona?

Safe, Healing and Caring