Community Profile on Yvonne Donnelly

Mission Focus

Community Profile on Yvonne Donnelly

How did you first get involved with Bivona?

MVP Health Care is a sponsor of the Darkness to Light (D2L) Stewards of Children training program. I met Mary and Anna at an event and they sucked me in!
*Anna Potter is Bivona’s Associate Executive Director and Mary Whittier is Bivona’s founding Executive Director

Is there any particular thing that you find to be the most rewarding about your involvement with Bivona?

The organization truly serves children and appears to be one of the healthiest, well run organizations I’ve ever seen.  They stay focused on their mission.

As an active volunteer, do you have any advice for other people who are
interested in volunteering with us?

You will be spending your time in an organization that is focused on their clients and dedicated to educating the community. 

What are three words you think of when you think about Bivona?

Healthy, uplifting, fun!

Bivona's Mission:
Bivona Child Advocacy Center delivers excellence in child abuse response, healing and prevention through collaborative service, awareness, education and leadership.

Yvonne and MVP Health Care are vital partners in our aim of bringing child abuse awareness and prevention to schools and community groups. We are so grateful.
— Deb Rosen, Executive Director, Bivona Child Advocacy Center