Join Luticha's Birthday Campaign!

This year, Luticha is celebrating her birthday by supporting Bivona Child Advocacy Center. Help her celebrate by making a donation to help children in our community heal. How great a gift is that?

Happy Birthday, Luticha!
Help me give back as I look forward!
— Luticha Doucette

In Luticha's own words:

When i was 10/11 years old my father chose to begin molesting me. Before that, I was Daddy's little girl and then suddenly he became a monster. When I was 16 he decided to rape me, and that was the day I called the police. It was the most freeing thing I have done in my life. He blamed the devil but I believe we choose our own paths.

Through therapy, sports, friendships, and focusing on my education I have been able to move away from the trauma. But there are times that I am still haunted. I was lucky to have my case go to trial and he was imprisoned. Lucky because oftentimes, disabled victims aren't believed. Ableism gaslights us and silences us and sentences us to our own prisons. But there is a path we can choose with guidance from our community.

Bivona was not in existence during my ordeal. And this year as I celebrate new beginnings in my life, I want to help others by paving that path for them. Bivona helps during the deepest of traumas and as a community we can help support their mission and these children and give them the support they need during this harrowing time of their lives. Help me give back as I look forward!

- Luticha Doucette

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What is Bivona Child Advocacy Center?

Bivona Child Advocacy Center is a safe, welcoming place where children who have endured the trauma of sexual and physical abuse can begin their journey of healing. Our growing team brings together professionals from over 20 partner agencies, and our multidisciplinary team model surrounds children with support and protection and is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of each child who comes through our door. 

At Bivona, we put children first. Our team provides critical, comprehensive services all under one roof in a safe, child-friendly environment. Our streamlined approach minimizes trauma to children and preserves the best evidence for investigators. 

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